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Our beginner drum course takes you through the fundamental elements of rhythm and how it is used in music. We will look at how to assemble a drum kit, correct posture when sitting at the drums and also start implementing the correct technique, for example, how to hold the drum sticks correctly. Students will be able to play along to backing tracks of their favourite songs from early on in their classes, learning the importance of timing from the outset, but with the main aim of just having fun making music.

We also offer courses aimed at students who have already started learning and who are a bit further down the line on their musical journey. We will study drum parts from well known songs and learn how to play them and also study famous drummers. We work on a practice regime which will develop the student physically as well as musically.

We are registered exam centre with Trinity College London and we follow their syllabus and they have provided us with a large library of material to use when teaching. Exams are available for students who want to achieve grades.