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No, qualifications or previous experience are not required to start lessons. When you book your sessions, the initial classes will focus on exploring the instrument and building a foundation in the fundamentals; your theory understanding and instrument proficiency will be evaluated, and based on the assessment, you will be assigned to the appropriate level of study. For those with prior experience, it’s an opportunity to reinforce existing knowledge and address any gaps. At our Music School, anyone with an interest in music is welcome, regardless of their current playing ability.

No, there is no age limit for our music lessons. We offer preschool lessons designed for newborns and toddlers, and we welcome 4-year-olds for personalized 1:1 lessons if they show an interest and aptitude for music. Our expertise extends to adult learners, spanning from young adults to individuals in retirement. Our lessons are customized to suit each individual, emphasizing the joy of playing music that resonates with the learner. We believe in acquiring musical knowledge through the enjoyment of playing songs you love.

Yes, many students at our school choose to learn more than one instrument. This can be highly advantageous as the skills acquired on one instrument often complement and enhance proficiency on another. For instance, a student studying drums and piano simultaneously can quickly grasp fundamental concepts such as maintaining a steady pulse and understanding rhythms.

We don’t offer free lessons at the moment. But you are more than welcome to book in a 1 off lesson to see if you enjoy it with no commitment or obligation to book in for a block of lessons.

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