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We start our beginner piano course with a bit of fun, with some simple improvising using the black notes on the piano. Through this improvising we will learn about pulse and rhythm. We will move onto learning where middle C and the first five notes of the C major scale. Scales are the building blocks of music and we will use the first 5 notes of the C major scale to play through simple melodies from nursery rhymes to popular classical melodies but we also throw in some songs you enjoy listening to. Recently our beginners have been playing songs by Little Mix and Lewis Capaldi.

As you progress on your musical journey we will learn how to read and write music, we will learn chords, chord progressions and also the techniques you will need to be-able to play the piano.

You may be an adult who learned piano when you were younger and looking to come back to piano, we will build a course which is tailored to your ability, filling in the gaps in your knowledge. We have a wide range of material in a variety of styles from classical to pop.

You may have been playing piano for years and looking to refresh your playing and may-be unlock a knew avenue in your piano playing. One option would be to learn how to improvise and play by ear. We will present jazz theory to the student in a way that is accessible and easy to understand, learning about advanced chord harmony and modes which you will need when it comes to improvisation. We will put the theory into action in each lesson with backing tracks and playing along with the tutor.

We are registered exam centre with Trinity College London and we follow their syllabus and they have provided us with a large library of material to use when teaching. Exams are available for students who want to achieve grades.