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We are taking all of our lessons online during the Covid-19 pandemic. We have built an interactive Skype set-up from our studio which aims to keep our students engaged during their online lessons. Our tutors will be able to switch camera angles so the student can see what is being demonstrated clearly. We have 3 camera angles in total; a front facing presentation cam, an overhead cam and a roving cam.

Our digital pianos are linked up to a keyboard display which will give you a visual representation of what is happening from the keyboard and also what the notes look like on the stave, in real time!

We also have a smart fret board for our guitar students enabling them to see our demonstrations flashing up on the visual display, again, in real time!

Written music is presented on screen as well as chord diagrams and fun images to help mind map musical terms.

We look forward to seeing you on Skype soon.