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Logic Pro X is a digital audio workstation or DAW for short. Using this program you can record audio, work with Apple Loops and record midi information to trigger software instruments to create your own music.

In our first class you will learn the basic functions and shortcuts you will need to know and then we will get stuck straight into recording some audio. We will then work this audio, continuing to learn about Logics menus and views along the way to help develop a quick and methodical workflow through more advanced keyboard shortcuts.

From there we will build up your logic session; recording audio, adding loops and using midi to trigger software instruments to create your own track. You will learn recording techniques along the way such as microphone placement and acoustics.

Once we have the audio recorded and the midi is triggering the software instruments, we will then work with these tracks and unpack the fundamental aspects of creating a produced track. We will look at topics including gain staging, EQing and compression moving onto the do’s and don’t’s of mixing and then onto mastering with the end result of a well produced and professional sounding track.

You will pick up a host of skills along the way; learning a little about music theory and what goes into the composition of a track, you will learn about synthesis and advanced MIDI editing with Logic Pro’s MIDI Transform Window, where velocity, pitch, pitch-bends, humanize and precise note positioning are effected.

This course is designed for complete beginners to music production and also for those looking to brush up on their production skills and fill in the gaps in their knowledge.