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Sibelius is a the industry music when it comes to scoring music. On our Sibelius course you will create your own scores, learn how to edit your scores and how to export them to look highly professional and elegant piece of music.

We have two Sibelius courses available; Sibelius Fundamentals and Sibelius Advanced.

In the first few lesson you will learn everything you need to know to navigate and understand the Sibelius Interface. You will then go onto creating a new score. We will input notes using a midi keyboard but we will also learn how to input notes just using your computers QWERTY keyboard. We will then input basic score objects and edit pitches. The number pad is your tool to inputing rhythms and you will become proficient in using this method to edit rhythms.

Once your score is complete we will work with formatting and experiment with common text styles.

You may have been using Sibelius for a while and are looking to expand your knowledge and fill in the gaps in your knowledge, Sibelius Advanced is the course for you. We will build on all the aspects of the fundamentals course, we will learn how to quickly input notes using a midi keyboard with one hand and use the other hand on the keypad to alter the rhythms as you input the notes. We will add multiple instruments to the score as well as working with multiple voices on the same stave. We will add text and symbols, input lyrics, change notehead types, create lead sheets and experiment with Sibelius’ many plugins and a whole lot more.

Along the way you will learn tips and tricks and all the shortcuts you will need to know to keep your workflow efficient and effective.